Golf Course Seminars 2013 & 2014


Golf Course Seminars



WINSTONuniversity offers a six week practical workshop aimed at Course and Club Managers, Committee personnel and golf developers. The program guides and coaches attendees so they have the skills to oversee their own projects from design, planning, construction and ultimately managing any project to sustainable success.

The seminars are led by:

  • David Krause, past President of EIGCA and designer of our very own WINSTONlinks;
  • Professor Al Turgeon; world renowned author, teacher, researcher, consultant
  • David Cole, Golf Course & Estates Superintendent at Loch Lomond Golf Club, Scotland
  • Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environment Research Foundation;
    • Ian Butcher – Director, WINSTONuniversity

The six weeks will consist of workshops, demonstrations, expert hands on guidance and discussion sessions. It will be based at the purpose built 3 hole teaching course, specifically designed to show how to achieve results with a range of soils, materials and specifications.

In 2014, WINSTONuniversity offers a six week program aimed at Club Managers, and Committee personnel. The program offers a platform for discussion, networking and generating innovative ideas for the short and long term future of your Club business. The six weeks will be based at WINSTONgolf and Schloss Basthorst, allowing a relaxed and comfortable setting for European golf managers to work and create momentum together.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Ian Butcher, Director WINSTONuniversity

Week 1

Renovation – Breathing New Life into Your Golf Course

Date: October 15th -18th 2013

Speakers: David Krause, EIGCA, STERF

Costs: 890€


Undertaking a major renovation project requires planning, team selection and project management skills. This first week in a series of workshop seminars will provide you with clear practical guidance on how to create a master plan that serves you as project director at your own venue.

  • You will know how to conduct a project evaluation and feasibility study;
  • You will understand basic design philosophies;
  • You will hear how previous world class projects created their design teams;
  • You will know how to write a development plan for your own venue including master plan drawings, construction specifications and supply schedules;
  • You will learn basic project management skills as they relate specifically to golf redesign and renovation projects;


Day Seminar

A Case Study Approach to Developing Preventive Strategies to Minimise Winter Stress

Date: October 17th 2013

Costs: 290€

According to a recent STERF study, around 70% of golf courses in the Nordic region suffer from winter damage, not only on greens but throughout the course.

Winter damage delays the playing season and revenues, and inferior conditions can persist into the summer months. Poor over wintering not only loses revenue but increases costs associated with rehabilitation and reconstruction.

This Seminar will explain the causes of winter stress and the consequences of poor preparations prior to winter in order that you are capable of devising preventive, cost effective strategies that minimise winter stress and improve early spring recovery;

Week 2

How to Shape for Success

Date: October 22nd – 25th 2013

Speakers: David Krause, David Cole, STERF

Costs: 890€


The quality of shaping in new constructions is of significant importance. To quote Alister Mackenzie, the golf course architect, “Economy in course construction consists in obtaining the best possible results at the minimum of costs”. There are some basic rules of construction, and learning from those with experience is the surest way of maximising the success of your own redesigns and ensure golfers want to play your new design again and again.

  • You will understand the key properties and constituents of soils;
  • You will know how to conduct soil testing procedures and link analysis with project specifications;
  • You will understand a range of construction methods suitable for a range of soils;
  • You will gain hands on experience of shaping techniques;
  • You will be able to ensure working procedures prevent destructuring of soils;
  • You will be aware of the factors that have to be taken into account when selecting species for your golf course;

Day Seminar

Evaluating Red Fescue as an Option for Your Golf Course

Date: October 24th 2013

Costs: 290€

Upcoming regulations across Europe are going to impact on pesticide, water and nutritional inputs. Golf budgets are continually being stretched, and using grasses that are naturally adapted to the north European climate is a proven method of reducing operation costs. For these reasons, not to mention its excellent playing qualities, red fescue is a turf grass species that needs to be considered by all Course and Club Managers who are interested in developing a long term strategy.

This seminar will highlight some success stories of introducing festuca rubra into existing poa/agrostis turf, but will also allow for an open debate so delegates can gain a realistic consideration as to the benefits and challenges associated with this particular species.

Week 3

Installing Drainage and Irrigation Systems

Date: October 29th – November 1st 2013

Speakers: Prof. Al Turgeon, STERF, Rainbird, David Cole

Costs: 890€

Using the latest methods and innovations within the golf industry, this Seminar will demonstrate the practical means of installation, ensuring the critical issue of water management is properly managed.

  • You will understand the function of water in plant health;
  • You will  learn specific research on water quality based on sources and the consequences on playing performance;
  • You will understand the key processes associated with water movement in the plant, and the consequences for turf quality if these processes are adversely affected;
  • You will hear about successful programs that have ensured proper drainage performance;
  • You will see irrigation system components installed;
  • You will have participated in installation methods;
  • You will understand the causes of poor root health and development;
  • You will learn about specific strategies that have been effective at promoting long term health within root systems;

Day Seminar

Understanding Roots and Root Development

Date: October 31st 2013

Costs: 290€

The quality of root systems in a sward is of significant importance to a range of turf quality factors. Root performance is a reflection of many dynamic and interactive environmental and cultural factors. Controlling this environment is critical to turf management success, and a basic building block for other cultural activities to be successful.

This Seminar will investigate environmental, atmospheric and soil profile management and, using successful examples, explain the most effective means of generating root development for your specific turf species.

Week 4

Growing In – The Key Steps to Success

Date: November 5th – 8th 2013

Speakers: Prof. Al Turgeon, UK & European Superintendents

Costs: 890€


Once a construction project has been achieved to the correct specification, the most important issue for the Golf Manager is to ensure proper maintenance procedures follow to the point at which it becomes a high quality playing surface. This Seminar takes a step by step approach to the routine procedures called “Grow In”, with special emphasis on nutrition.

  • Know the major factors to take into account prior to writing a Grow In program;
  • How to measure your soils to ensure optimum decision making;
  • How to evaluate product specifications and “sales talk”;
  • Understand the full range of maintenance practices and the benefits they bring to new turf; ;
  • How to evaluate the cost of applications, maximising returns.

Day Seminar

The Key Steps to Developing Nutrition Strategies on the Golf Course


Date: November 7th 2013

Costs: 290€

Nutrition can provide the solutions, but also add to the problems. Therefore, writing your own nutritional programs, and monitoring performance are one of the major responsibilities of the Course Manager.

This Seminar explains the challenges of seasonal growth patterns and how nutrition forms the basis of modern maintenance programs. Particularly when greens are made up of a mixed sward of species, achieving uniform, consistent surfaces at times of environmental stress can be difficult. We discuss the solutions.

Week 5

An IPM Approach to Disease Prevention

Date: November 19th - 22nd 2013

Speakers: STERF, US Superintendent, Syngenta

Costs: 890€


Prevention is better than cure. However, with increased legislation and changing climatic patterns, the potential for turf damage through disease outbreak, and the consequences of reduced green fees, is as high as ever. A proactive approach gives your golf course the best chance to reduce risk, and being aware of your options based on scientific study and an IPM approach is key to success.

This seminar will focus on a range of diseases common in Europe, and becoming more prevalent with certain climatic conditions. However, the process of disease management will be fully explained, that is proven to minimise and reduce risk.

  • You will understand the dynamic environmental factors that cause disease outbreaks;
  • You will be able to employ accurate disease identification methods;
  • You will learn innovative integrated disease management strategies that target the prevention of specific turf disorders;
  • You will follow a step-by-step process to managing a disease outbreak;
  • You will understand the dynamic environmental factors that cause disease outbreaks;
  • You will be able to employ accurate disease identification methods;


 Day Seminar

Improving your strategy for prevention and control of Microdochium nivale


Date: November 21st 2013

Costs: 290€

This seminar will focus on microdochium nivale as it is common on the golf courses of  Europe, and becoming more prevalent with certain climatic conditions. However, the process of disease management will be fully explained, that is relevant to all turf diseases.

This Seminar will focus on integrated disease management strategies that target the prevention of microdochium nivale;

Two Day Workshop –

Ensuring Your Golf Course is Equipped for Peak Performance

Date: November 28th – 29th 2013

Speaker: John Moore, MD, Golf Tech Maschinenvertriebs GmbH

Costs: 490€


Equipment Management on golf courses has become one of the great challenges, with modern fleets now running into six figures and the technology, while bringing undoubted benefits to the turf, requiring a higher level of expertise. This is one key area of golf course management that can be inefficient at the cost of the overall Club budget, so this Seminar will reflect on how you can assess your equipment needs and procedures, and select the investment plan that best suits your Club.

Day 1

  • You will understand criteria for equipment selection on specific parts of the course;
  • You will learn how to write standard operating procedures for a range of equipment;
  • You will learn standard servicing procedures, ensuring both care and repair;
  • You will gain an insight into the modern golf course mechanics role at a world class venue;
  • You will learn about the latest designs for a modern golf course operations centre.

Day 2

  • We explore the definitions, advantages and disadvantages of purchasing methods
  • Hire Purchase
  • Lease Purchase
  • Renting
  • Full Purchase

This enables you as a key resource manager to evaluate your current machinery investments and ensure your Club is on a strong financial plan going forward.


Golf Club Seminars


The 10 Key Success Factors in Running a Golf Business

Date: January 23rd 2014

Speakers: Jerry Kilby, WINSTONgolf Team

Costs: 290€

The General Manager or Director of Golf commands a wide range of responsibilities and the expectations of members and visitors are growing and changing constantly. This Seminar allows the CMAE to present their commitment to supporting the role of the Club Director through identifying key management competencies of a club manager.

Each one of the competencies will be described and discussed, and routes for further education outlined. You will learn how to organise your own workload so that all core competencies are met. Delegates will be able to share their experiences, and enjoy a unique networking environment.

  • You will gain insight into the key skills associated with the core competencies of club management;
  • You will learn how to organise a weekly and monthly schedule that ensures you are working to optimum efficiency;
  • You will understand the benefits of become a member of CMAE both for career and club development and have the opportunity to improve your network of fellow professionals.

Leading Teams in the Golf Facility

Date: March 18th – 21st 2014

Speakers:WINSTONuniversity and the Arnold Palmer Group,

Costs: 890€

The key to gaining true competitive advantage is ensuring that strategic position is enhanced by individual departments not only working well within themselves, but also with other departments, to achieve the same vision for the customer. Achieving this requires specialized leadership skills that understand the inter-dynamics of team building.

This Seminar will highlight the nature of leadership, identify leadership goals, explore situational leadership. Its aim is to ensure you as a leader can optimise the human resource at your facility.

  • You will understand how the leadership principles apply to your unique facility;
  • You will be able to establish leadership goals that are aligned to your strategic plan;
  • You will gain an insight into managing relationships in the workplace;
  • You will learn how individuals can make distinctive contributions
  • You will explore how teams and individuals can take responsibility for results.;
  • You will discuss the challenges of leading diverse people
  • You will explore authenticity and ethics in modern business leadership.


Golf Business Finance – Breaking Down the Mystery

Date: March 26th – 27th 2014

Speakers:WINSTONuniversity and Club Managers Association of Europe

Costs: 490€

Many financial terms and procedures are confusing to a General Manager, and particularly in the idiosyncratic world of golf not all business terms are relevant. What are the methods most suited to a golf club that manage the assets and measure the performance of the business? How do the broad concepts of business finance relate to specific Club operations? And how can you improve your  presentation technique when making a case for investment?

On completion of this Seminar you will have a range of templates and financial tools at your disposal that can be specifically applied to the unique nature of your business model. These will include:

  • How to design a yearly process of financial statements;
  • Budgeting for short and long term goals;
  • How to manage working capital;
  • How to conduct Break even analysis and so contribute to sound decision making;
  • How to use financial ratios- to measure business performance;
  • How to evaluate projects and potential return on investment;
  • How to present financial information in written and verbal form.

Marketing the Golf Club for Profit

Date: April 2nd – 3rd 2014

Speakers: WINSTONuniversity and Arnold Palmer Group,

Costs: 490€

Building on the previous Seminar Golf Business Finance, this topic addresses the challenges of the future. Members and visitors within the golf industry are constantly reviewing their options and financial commitments to playing the game. These changing expectations create a challenge for the Club Manager, and a long term strategy is required that is pro active about meeting those changing expectations.

  • You will learn how to collect valuable data research and understand the marketing research process;
  • You will learn how to create customer value, satisfaction and loyalty;
  • You will learn how to build a strong Club Brand;
  • You will develop pricing strategies and design product and services for different customer groups;
  • You will have a greater understanding of the impact communication techniques can have, including social media;
  • You will hear views and participate in a Q&A session on Marketing in the 21st century from leading CEO´s.

Day Seminar

Multifunctional Golf Course Development – A New Revenue Stream

Date: April 4th 2014

Speakers: STERF

Costs: 290€

The landscape of golf courses has traditionally been seen as a “single use” resource by golfers and management of Clubs. However, , we want to share with you the research currently being conducted by STERF aimed at supporting Clubs who diversify their value offering.

This Seminar will allow you to hear first hand insights into the feasibility and challenges associated with implementing a multifunctional approach to the golf course; and show how to improve your own golf course ecological and recreational footprint. You will learn how to create new revenue streams that encourages more memberships and visitors

Energy Solutions for the 21st Century Golf Club.


Date: 16th -17th April 2014.

Speakers: The Energy Academy, Samso, Golf Environment Organisation

Costs 490E

Driven by European and Global Government regulations business of all descriptions have to demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency. The golf industry therefore has the opportunity to take a lead in understanding energy consumption, the options for diversification, and sharing to a wider community beyond golf that it can measure and plan for greater efficiency in the longer term.

This important subject area has the power to engage non golfing stakeholders in the community and improve relationships with the European Union.

This seminar will explore, using the Case Study approach,

  • Sources of renewable and non-renewable energy
  • Conducting an energy audit
  • Options for diversifying energy and fuel supply
  • Fuel efficiencies within transportation
  • Innovation in reducing energy consumption on the golf course/clubhouse areas
  • Methods of measuring Golf´s ecological footprint
  • Communicating your Club´s innovations to a community audience

A significant element of this Seminar will coincide with the requirements of achieving the Golf Environment Organisation Certification status.

Celebrating Achievement through Innovation and Design


Date: 23rd-24th April

Hosts: WINSTONuniversity

Cost 490E

WINSTONuniversity invites you to a special two day celebration of the innovations, service models and projects of the past year that in our opinion deserve both recognition and greater exposure.

We award those that have designed in four key areas

  • Products or Services that grow the game
  • Products or services that save time and money in the golf operations
  • Projects that improve the image of the industry
  • People who have made an exceptional contribution to the European game during 2012.

Combining the event with a 36 Hole golf competition and Dinner with a key note speaker, we will spread the message that the golf business is in good shape and in good hands.

Benefits and Costs

The cost of all six weeks of seminars are € 4.900,-.  A single week of any seminar sells for € 890,- and a Day Seminars costs € 290,- each.

The costs for a second participant from the same company reduce all seminar prices by 10%. Any accompanying person not attending the seminars receives a 25 % discount on the regular hotel prices.

The program includes:

-       Accommodation with breakfast at Schloss Basthorst

-       One dinner per week and seminar lunches.

-       Lectures, workshops, site demonstrations, Q&A sessions

-       Network formally and socially with the world’s best practitioners

-       Easy to use model templates for each topic

-       Free access to one of WINSTONgolf’s two golf courses (subject to availability)

How to Book

Please make your reservation through by sending us the names of the participants and the seminars you would like to attend. We will then send you a confirmation and invoice. For further inquiries regarding the program please call Ian Butcher at + 49 172 175 67 53.

For further information regarding the seminars and speakers please go to More about the accommodation at the castle, you will find at and about the golf course on


The WINSTONuniversity campus is located near the city of Schwerin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, on the premises of WINSTONgolf, host to the 2013 WINSTONgolf European Senior Open, Gut Vorbeck and Schloss Basthorst.

Closest Airports are Lübeck and Hamburg, an 1.5 hour’s drive by car. The airports of Berlin and Bremen are approximately 2.5 hours away.