“FEGGA organizes international training for greenpeacers and grandmasters. It is completely free for all members of the Greenpeace Associations. Please familiarize yourself with the program of the seminars and do not hesitate to contact us to provide access to the event.


You are on the move! ”

FEGGA International Greenkeepers Event

ДЕН 1: 03/03/2021 – 14:00-16:30ч.

Session Programme: (Each Seminar will last 35 minutes)

• Biology, a sustainable solution to maintaining sports turf with the continuing reduction of chemical availability:

The session will focus on Managing sports turf with an ever diminishing arsenal of chemical solutions: Linking the science of soil biology with sustainable management practices

Jeremy Hughes International Business Development Manager, Symbio and Dr Deidre Charleston Research and Technical Manager, Symbio.

• Maintaining high quality playing surfaces in central Europe:

Steve Chappell – Golf Course Superintendent, Royal Bled Country Club.

• Respect the Drop:

The necessity for golf courses to be seen as responsible users of water has never been more acute. Understanding soil surfactant chemistries, and making the most appropriate formulation selection, can directly impact upon water use.

Michael Fance – Technical Support and European Account Manager, Aquatrols Europe Limited.

ДЕН 2: 04/03/2021 – 14:00-16:00ч.

Session Programme: (Each seminar will last 35 minutes)

• Stop Being So Nice – Frank Newberry

Our first session is for people who might be too nice, too gentle or too kind at work. Maybe you are too nice to be the boss? We can help you with that today. Help you to be tough enough for any work situation – without losing your friends or changing your personality!

• Team Building and Adapting to Change – Golf Courses Manager Gleneagles

Craig will share his knowledge and experience in team building and the many benefits it brings to being successful and creating great job satisfaction. Craig will also share the importance to adapting to change, especially dealing with the challenges of COVID 19.

• Survival and Success at Golf Club Meetings – Frank Newberry

Our third session is the Greenkeepers’ Guide to:

1. What to say at meetings, and what not to say at meetings
2. How to speak, and when to speak
3. Dealing effectively with difficult people at meetings