Responsible Golf Course Management

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FEGGA Development Roadshow was held at Black Sea Rama Golf & Villas Resort in Bulgaria

                                                                             Hello everyone.   On 11th of November 2016 the FEGGA Development Roadshow was held at Black Sea Rama Golf & Villas Resort in Bulgaria. This event was organized in partnership with R&A. The golf course is a Gary Player design and was opened in 2010.   The Bulgarian Golf Greenkeepers Association is прочети повече

П О К А Н А обучителен семинар за голф игрища и тревни терени

П О К А Н А   От Българска Голф Грийнкипърска Асоциация С ЛЮБЕЗНОТО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО НА ФЕДЕРАЦИЯТА НА ЕВРОПЕЙСКИТЕ ГОЛФ ГРИЙКИПЪРСКИ АСОЦИАЦИИ организира обучителен семинар за голф игрища и тревни терени със специалното участие на: ДИЙН КЛЕВЪР-ФЕГГА КЕЙТ ЕЙНТУИСЛ-специалист по болести по тревите (The Turf Disease Centre) УЕНДИ КОЛ- програмен координатор – R&A Greenkeeping Scholarships прочети повече

ПОКАНА за БГГА Семинар, 06 ноември 2015, Разград

  Българска Голф Грийнкипърска Асоциация  с любезното съдействие на  ПФК Лудогорец 1945 организира обучителен семинар по поддръжка на спортни терени. Събитието ще се проведе на 06 ноември 2015г. / петък/ от 09:00часа в конферентната зала на Спортен Център  ПФК Лудогорец 1945 Заявка за участие  -  Регистрационен формуляр прочети повече

Calling All Assistant Greenkeepers! FEGGA Exchange Scheme 2015-16

If you are an Assistant Greenkeeper and wish to develop your career, add life skills and experience, and make important new connections then this exciting new challenge is for you! Change jobs with someone at another club for a set period of time e.g. anything from 4 to 16 weeks – but without the risk прочети повече

БГГА Семинар, 27 Март, 2015, Пловдив

ПРАКТИЧЕСКИ ВЪПРОСИ ПРИ ПОДДРЪЖКА НА  СПОРТНИ ТЕРЕНИ МЯСТО НА СЪБИТИЕТО: ПФК, БОТЕВ ПЛОВДИВ 1912 гр. Пловдив, кв. Коматево, ул.Воден № 5, тел.: +359 32 397 360 прочети повече

16th Days of Education of Slovenian Greenkeepers Association

Kindly inviting you to 16th Days of Education of Slovenian Greenkeepers Association. Conference will be held from 18th till 19th of November in Lipica.   Program 16th Days of Education   Registration form 16th Days of Education прочети повече

Golf Course Seminars 2013 & 2014

  Golf Course Seminars 2013 Welcome! WINSTONuniversity offers a six week practical workshop aimed at Course and Club Managers, Committee personnel and golf developers. The program guides and coaches attendees so they have the skills to oversee their own projects from design, planning, construction and ultimately managing any project to sustainable success. The seminars are прочети повече

Invest in knowledge and Achieve more

Draft Greenkeeping Article Invest in knowledge and Achieve more   WINSTONuniversity intends to support the turf specialists of the future by coaching and mentoring them to meet, through a centre of best practice, the demands of a modern manager. “These demands include greater environmental awareness, greater communication and business skills and improved relationships with the прочети повече

(English) Education, 2012 Toro, Gallery

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